Friday, 11 November 2011

VIVO “eyes of gold"

At the TOWIB event back in October we were given a bag of VIVO goodies based on three looks they demonstrated, and invited to recreate the look for a chance to win a prize!

I chose the ‘eyes of gold’ look. The goodie bag included, two eyeshadows in the shades “goddess” and “rich chocolate”, an eyeliner and mascara, and my favourite of all, a baked bronzer in the shade “sun kiss".

This was my interpretation of the look. 

 Can you see why I love the blusher? It gives such a beautiful colour on the cheeks and it works really well with my skin tone. I have taken to using this every day, particularly now it has got a lot colder, it adds a bit of warmth and I have been given compliments as to how natural it looks when I just wear foundation, the bronzer and mascara. The colour is very buildable though, which I understand is the case for all baked products (?), this is my first so I don’t know, but I am very impressed.

On the eyes I used the two eyeshadows with no base, both colours are very pigmented and have a lovely smooth texture making them really easy to apply and blend. I applied the gold shade all over the lid and worked the matte brown into the crease. I then smudged in eyeliner and added mascara. I kept my lips natural and just applied some balm for a bit of shine.

Goddess and rich chocolate eyeshadows, sunkiss bronzer

I really like the look and this is something I would wear day or night. I am really impressed with the quality of the products, the other goodie bag contained a nice looking blush/highlight duo and a liquid highlighter, which I would love to try out. 

Vivo can be found at larger Tesco stores if I remember correctly and I think most of the products don’t go for more than £6, but don’t quote me on that! 

I did not get shortlisted in the competition, but my gorgeous friend Yenni did! It is very tight between her and another contestant so please go and check out the Facebook page and give her your vote! 

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