Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Guest post - Meryl on bridal makeup

This is the first of what I hope will be a regular series of guest posts. The first is from a friend of mine, Meryl who got married last year and shares her bridal makeup tips and experience. I am trying to encourage to come back to blogging, but for now you can find her on twitter here.

So without further ado, I’ll pass you onto Meryl…….

Aside from the endless amount of things a bride has to think about before her big day, one of the things that had my head spinning was makeup.  Now, I'm not your most artistic or technical girl when it comes to makeup application, heck I only recently figured out how to put false eyelashes on!   I wanted the natural look, but even for me achieving that was a tall order!  I had to decide whether I was going to do my own makeup or have a makeup artist do it on my wedding day. Knowing what my skills were like I decided to go with a professional.

Let me tell you though, that wasn't necessarily the easy option. Three trials later with three different artists I finally found my one! This was after the hullabaloo of going home after trials thinking maybe I should just do it myself, but again it resulted in-even I can’t get it right.  I wanted to look like me, but with a twist. I left one trial with a rash over my eyelid, she assured me she’d cleaned her brushes but a shadow of doubt crossed my mind and she bloody well poked me in the eye.  Not good.  The second, I honestly looked like a drag queen, end of.  Thirdly, I simply couldn't digest the revolving comment of 'this bright purple eye shadow will look amazing' No, not on me it doesn’t.

Along the way I picked up a few do’s and don’ts of bridal makeup, but some aspects may be considered for any other special event.

Do: Have a trial if you decide to have someone else do your makeup. I wouldn’t want anyone else developing a rash or get poked in the eye on their big day! If you are doing your own makeup, pop along to a beauty counter such as Bobbi Brown or Laura Mercier who will help you with colours and application. Try to avoid weekends when they’re busy and haven’t got much time to talk to you.
Do: Consider the season and your colour scheme.
Makeup can be heavier and colours deeper during winter months and if mainly indoors with dim light. Weddings held outdoors with bright sunshine will require a much softer look.  Think about makeup colours complimenting your colour scheme, some colours- unlike you and your future husband are just not meant to be.
Do: Carry a touch up kit on the day. Blotting paper, tissues, cotton buds, face powder and lipstick/gloss.
Do: Take care of your skin. Facials, eating well and drinking water.  These combine to create your skin’s foundation, rather than the one you spread on your face.

Don’t: Have a treatment e.g. facial, chemical peel, wax etc the day before. Yes, you’ve been doing this religiously and you’re mates with the beauty therapist, but you can’t predict a freak circumstance that may affect your skin. You won’t have enough recovery time.
Don’t: Try a completely new makeup look which just isn’t you. The Duchess of Cambridge can vouch for this.
If you can’t recognise yourself,  how the ruddy hell is your partner going to?  You don’t want them assuming they’re at the wrong wedding now.  (Flashbacks of the drag queen look-urgh)
Main products I used:
Estee Lauder Nutritious foundation
MAC studio finish concealer
Bobbi Brown eyeshadow, moisture lipstick and Shimmerbrick for cheeks and eyes
MaxFactor Masterpiece mascara
Laura Mercier finishing powder
The Body Shop blotting tissues throughout the day.
Whether you decide to do your own makeup or choose a makeup artist for your big day, just remember you want to look and feel happy and comfortable within yourself. Finally, smile!

Thank you so much Meryl I loved this post, not only is it beautifully written but such great advice too. If anyone would like to take part in the guest blogger series just drop me a email or a tweet and let me know what topic you would like to write about. Finally don’t forget to check Meryl out on twitter
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