Saturday, 22 October 2011

TOWIB winter warmer

Last Saturday I went along to "The Only Way is Blogging,” an event organised by LondonBeautyQueen who did an amazing job of getting beauty bloggers and brands together for a really fun afternoon. This was the second event, I chickened out of the first so this time teamed up with Jennifer from the blog CurvesColourSparkle so we could head down together.

Jennifer and I 

The day was excellent, there were makeup demonstrations by cosmetics brands Fashionista and Vivo as well as workshops, the HTML workshop in particular was really interesting and I learnt so many things I didn’t know about how google works.

Unfortunately my phone just wasn’t up to the task of the low light conditions so I don’t have any good photos of the actual event. I decided since there are so many bloggers who also went to the event and wrote a bit more detail about what the brands did that I will link a few of my favourites at the bottom for those of you interested in the actual day. 

We also all came away with some new makeup to try from each of the brands present. I am looking forward to trying all these out and will do a full review in a separate post. Vivo cosmetics did three looks; Winter Bold, Eyes of Gold and Twilight. We were then allowed to pick our favourite look and have been invited to recreate it for a competition they are running. I went for the 'eyes of gold’ pack, I love the look of the bronzer which is what swayed me.

I was also lucky enough to get a little bit of a makeover with Katie, the makeup artist for Fashionista, who convinced me that I can in fact pull off blue eyeshadow. The real test will be if I can actually recreate the look!

One of the things I took away from the photography workshop was that I should play with my camera more. With a white wall, good lighting, and someone else taking the photographs for me I managed to get this photograph which I think show the colours of the makeup so well. I’m hoping I will be able to control at least two of those things from now on.

One of the interesting things I learnt in the HTML workshop is that if you have a lot of photos in your blog posts, google loads these pages slower. Because I literally took about a hundred pictures testing out different lighting conditions I have added a few of these to my new facebook page so please follow the link and take a peek if you would like to see more.

The event inspired me to slowly make design changes to the blog, so over the coming months watch out! Any suggestions/tips are welcome, I would like to design a nice banner and as for the layout I actually quite like it at the moment but I might just try and organise it a bit more.

Finally a huge thank you to LondonBeautyQueen who organised the event. I had a lot of fun and already looking forward to the next event in February!

I’ve linked a few great reviews, as well as a link to the TOWIB blog for any other beauty bloggers who want to join in next time.

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