Thursday, 27 October 2011

Quick review: Witch anti-blemish skin clearing primer

I have been using this for a couple of months now and really am at a loss of how to write this review.

The Witch anti-blemish skin clearing primer is meant to act as a base for your foundation/makeup, smoothing the skin and acting as a barrier. It contains witch-hazel and has a slightly thick consistency but spreads on the skin well and leaves a slightly matte finish. It has a slight scent to it but nothing too unpleasant or overbearing.

At least for me, this product doesn’t work. I used this in the run up to the time I expected to get a breakout, hoping that it would either stop the breakout or at least help me recover from it quicker, but unfortunately it did neither.

I also did not find that this made my makeup last any longer. Although to be fair to Witch, nowhere on the bottle does it claim to do this, that is just something I associate with primers in general.

I can’t imagine that anyone with more spot prone skin that I would have a benefit from using this, so it is not something I would recommend, although if any of you have seen positive effects I would be keen to hear about it.

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