Sunday, 16 October 2011

Hair waving tools review - deep waver and boho waver

I have two hair wavers which I love. I purchased both nearly new on eBay after not being able to find any stockists in the UK. Now the trend for loose, beachy waves has really taken off and I feel I can finally post a review of my favourite hair tools, which make the look so effortless.

I know I have shown this picture many times before but this is the look that can be achieved with the Tony and Guy deep waver. For a while I could not find this anywhere in the UK, but I am really excited to see that it is on sale in Argos for around £35. I am assuming it is a similar model and I have no doubt eventually I will be going out and repurchasing one of these as a spare.

The deep waver differs from other wavers that are on the market which have three barrels, resulting in two waves in the hair for each section. The Toni and Guy model has one deep continuous groove which covers all the hair within a section.

It features a temperature dial so that you can adjust the heat depending on your hair type, having thick curly hair I always use any hair tool at the maximum setting. The waver is comfortable to hold and not to heavy, and the on/off mechanism is on the top of the tool so no risk of accidentally knocking it off, which I have done with other hair tools.

The second waver I own is by Vidal Sassoon. I don’t believe this particular model is available anymore but it is more like a traditional three barrell waver. The barallels on this are different sizes but I have not noticed a difference in the look of my hair compared to other three-barell wavers I have tried.

It is worth noting that I always use these on my curly hair. I feel it would be redundant to straighten my hair for the purpose of waving it! In my case it works well to revive my curls once they have fallen out in between washes, and to give a different look to my traditional curls.

In the case of both of these tools I can do my whole head of hair in 10 minutes if I am in a hurry by waving thick sections of hair at once. For nights out or when I have more time, I wave smaller sections at a time which gives a more defined look.

Finishing the style with hairspray the waves last all day, and if I tie my hair up at night correctly I might even be able to carry it over to the next day.

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