Thursday, 6 October 2011

Every day make-up look

I have changed my every day makeup look quite a lot since attending the Marie Clare Inspire and Mentor event and getting some great tips from Alan Wan. All the methods mentioned are the ones I learnt at the event.

I have recently been trying out a liquid foundation (I know - a shock for my regular readers who know how obsessed I am with mineral foundation). Mixing in the liquid foundation with a little serum and using a duo-fibre brush I buff the foundation into the skin. Not only is this quick (less than 30 seconds) but the finish is amazing. The foundation blends flawlessly into the skin, and only needs a little translucent powder on the T-zone to set.

I use the Sleek suede blush on my cheeks, loading up the brush the same as you would load up a mineral foundation. I apply starting at the hairline and lightly brushing inwards, stopping at the height of your cheekbone, parallel with the outside corner of the eye.

For the eyes, drawing from the inner eye outwards use light strokes of eyeliner to line the eyes only three-quarters across, this builds up a thicker and darker line in the outside corner, getting thinner going in. Although it still looks odd to me he recommended using liner on the outer third of the lower lash line. To finish off the look using a dark eyeshadow, press the colour over the liner and use a light colour over the rest of the lid. 

The whole look takes about five minutes including my eyebrow routine. I am surprised what a difference it can make to the finish of your makeup just by changing the brushes you use and the way you use them. 

Please share with me your top tips for makeup application. 

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