Friday, 2 September 2011

Garnier BB cream review

With all the blog posts in anticipation of the first UK BB cream I was excited to try it out. I have never used a BB cream before, as much as I wanted to order some from Asia I was paranoid about colour matching correctly. The idea of a product that can give a 'my skin but better’ appearance and be good for it appeals to me very much.

What the Garnier version does claim is that it will blur imperfections, even skin-tone, boost glow, smooth lines and provide 24-hour hydration. The cream spreads and blends well on the skin and the tube container means you can control exactly the amount of product you use.

Garnier offers only two shades currently, light and medium. I chose light. Nothing on the box says that the formulation adapts to your skin tone, but having used this tanned and untanned, I have not had a problem and this always looks really natural.

For use on holiday this was perfect, providing a light coverage and evening out skin tone without being too heavy. The formulation is extremely moisturising which was perfect in the heat and it does give your skin a dewy look which I like. Mostly importantly combined with getting overheated and sweaty this didn’t break me out. I can see how someone with oily skin might not like the formulation but you can easily apply powder on top to set it and get rid of some of the shine. 

On a side note, even though this does contain SPF15 I would still apply my SPF25 sunscreen underneath since the you would need to apply at least a tea spoon amount of BB cream to your face to actually get the full sun protection.

Before (no make up)


My understanding is that original BB creams are a thicker consistency and more full coverage. The Garnier cream is not full coverage but covered most imperfections and I used my Witch concealer stick for anything remaining. I don’t think the picture show well the coverage that you do get, it is not as full as a foundation but greater than a tinted moisturiser.

Having used the BB cream back in the UK the first thing I noticed was that the longevity isn’t great, but by using a small amount of powder on top this sets it for the whole day.

If anyone read my latest skin care post I mentioned that my skin is in great condition at the moment. The packaging doesn’t claim that this will do wonders for your overall skin condition but considering I have been wearing it daily for just under a month I can’t help but think there may be a connection.

At £9.99 from Boots and Superdrug I initially thought this was a bit on the pricy side, but having used it, I love it and think it is worth the price. I am about a third of the way through so I hope that this will see me through to October. I don’t know if this will replace my love for mineral foundation but it is certainly a contender, which is surprising considering that I would never have thought to compare the two. So well done Garnier! I think it will be really interesting now to see what other companies come up to extend the BB cream selection.

If you have tried this let me know if it was love or hate relationship for you. Also if you have been sitting on the fence deciding whether or not to pick this up have I swayed you either way?

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