Sunday, 4 September 2011

E.L.F haul

I took advantage of the ELF half price sale last weekend and received my package today. Together my sister and I ordered £102 worth of products, which worked out at £25 each after the half price sale and then splitting the cost between us.

I ordered:

Dump bag in burgundy - a lovely colour case which will be perfect for holidays and short breaks as it is bigger than what I own now. As the name suggests it is just one compartment which you dump everything into. I would have preferred it just a little bigger though.

Studio concealer pencil and brush - in the shade light, this is my favourite concealer so I decided to stock up and get two for the price of one.

Mineral blemish kit - considering the bare minerals night treatment worked out as nothing more than an expensive spot treatment I am hoping this may be a good dupe.

Studio cream eyeliner - in the shades black and bronze. The bronze is a beautiful colour, a light brown with a subtle shimmer which is quite pigmented. They each come with a small angled brush which is of a good quality and the size makes it great to keep in your bag or take on trips. They apply smoothly and from first impressions is smudge-proof, but I will put this to the test soon.

Studio lip lock pencil (no image) - the description makes it sound like a clear lip liner which should then keep your lipstick from feathering.

Studio small smudge brush - a very dense stiff brush which is not what I expected but should be good for smudging eyeliner or applying very concentrated colour.

Eye crease brush - although I love my Sonia Kashuk crease brush this is smaller and should allow me to be more precise with my application for some looks. It is surprisingly soft and for 75p if this is the quality of all their brushes I will be very impressed.

Dramatic and natural lash kit - again at 75p each I decided it was time to learn how to wear false lashes.

Studio Hollywood lashes kit - this was the least impressive product. Considering it is the studio line I was expecting a higher quality than the regular lash kits but the lashes don’t look like they are cut to the same shape and the quality of the applicator is really low. For the price though I cannot be bothered with the hassle of a return so if it turns out they do look odd I may have to trim them to look even.

Juiced berry super glossy lip shine - I have always been disappointed with the lip products only because the colours are so different to what you see online. In this case juiced berry is nothing more than a clear gloss even though the tube makes it look like it should be bright and pigmented.

Studio small makeup holder - I wanted something to contain the brushes I use on a daily basis. The size of the holder is perfect but the finish isn’t great and had I paid more than £2.50 I would be disappointed, but it does the job so I can’t complain.

Overall I am very pleased with my order and have a mental list in my head of my next! I think ELF did very well to get the order out to me within a week considering I can imagine the stock/orders room must have been manic.

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