Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Spin Pin review

After seeing numerous reviews of the Goody Spin Pins I wanted to try some out for myself. Having thick curly hair any up-style take numerous attempts and endless numbers of pins and usually results in me giving up and wearing my hair down so these worked perfectly.

The pins work like a corkscrew, after putting your hair into a bun (no elastic band needed) a pin gets spun into the top and another into the bottom of the bun. I tended to go for a looser style of bun so that my curls could fall out and tested out a few different ways of doing this.

Low messy bun, this was the tightest style I did just leaving the ends of my hair out to create a messy look.  

Mid-height bun, looser than previously to look more styled and less like a bun

High bun and loosest of the three styles. 

The pins were perfect on holiday, having my hair down was just too hot so I was glad to be able to put it up in a more stylish way without using a scrunchy and that wasn’t a ponytail. Because I tended to go for looser buns I found that these did not hold well in the water although for use now I am back in the UK this is not going to be an issue! The tighter the bun the better the hold and because of the greater density of hair you are less likely to get the two pins colliding, which was the only other issue I found using these so I had to be careful to angle the pins to avoid this.

I purchased my spin pins in a Claire’s Accessories outlet for £3.50. They usually retail at £5 and can be found coloured for blondes or brunettes.

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