Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Shellac manicure day 14 update

Two weeks of suncream, oils and chlorine and how did my Shellac manicure do?

Amazingly! This is day 14 and as you can see there is minimal chipping to speak of. The only thing is a huge amount of regrowth which cannot be helped, but looks much better than the usual regrowth and chipping combination that can occur when you are too lazy to remove your polish. The colour was perfect for my holiday and matched with a lot of outfits really well. That impressive shine also lasted throughout the time which is quite easily my favourite property of the polish.

In the first week the manicure was faultless, only by day 6 did regrowth start to become visible.

By day 10, I started to see what looked like lifting at edges. I actually visited a castle on this day and was climbing up the dodgy steps and noticed that there was a small chip but I think that this may have been from brushing against the stones. Having said that the shellac did a good job at strengthening my nails and protecting them against breaking which I am sure would have happened from the way I had been treating my hands.

I decided to reapply a second time just to compare regrowth as well as to observe how to take it off correctly so I can attempt to do this at home and then report back on how easy that is as well as determine how using the polish has left the condition of my nails.

The colour I opted for this time was “tutti-fruti” another beautiful shiny colour of pink with a hint of purple which shows up really well in the pictures. What I noticed this time was that the manicurist set some bubbles into the polish, which is frustrating when you know you have to look at that for at least two weeks!

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