Monday, 29 August 2011

Project 10 Pan complete!

So I have reached the end of my project 10 pan. It wasn’t easy and I am really glad it is over. I have learnt a lot from it and made a few decisions about the way I will spend from now on.

The holiday was the perfect time to you use the satin radiance moisturiser, it contains small gold shimmer which act to reflect light and gives the skin a subtle glow. I also finished off the Avon Ungaro perfume, Shashbox primer, Samy curl creme and the Bare Minerals night treatment, which proved itself to be huge value for money considering how long it has lasted.

You may consider it cheating but the only thing that was difficult to finish is the Bourgeois mineral radiance which I have now abandoned. The Witch concealer stick is almost done, so I will be placing an order with ELF today and take advantage of their 50% offer to stock up on my favourite concealer.

By doing the project 10 pan I have learnt that I am pretty good with my spending, and also that I don’t like thinking I can’t spend (who does, I hear you) but psychologically I found telling myself I couldn’t spend meant that I wanted too even more.

I’ve decided to just stick to my habit of using something then replacing it (which is especially the case for skin, hair and body products) and for makeup on the most part do the same for things like foundations, primers, concealers which the occasional indulgence in lipsticks, blushes etc. I want to do my best not buy for the sake of buying and enhance my collection rather than have multiple products of the same type (similar shades of lipstick for example).

I have also decided to set myself monthly goals/challenges for any products I feel are being forgotten or if they are close to being used, to finish them. I have mentioned this in a previous post and admittedly I failed miserably this month, partly because I forgot to take the ELF lipstick away with me on holiday.

For the month of September I have chosen Dove ‘hint of colour’ moisturiser, I was already half way through this before abandoning it last summer and hope that this will maintain my tan for a little longer. Just for this month I will include a second product and try again to use up the ELF ‘baby lips’ lipstick.

I would love to know if any of you have tried a project 10 pan and what you learnt from it.

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