Friday, 5 August 2011

Oh so special….

I realise I am late with this review considering this palette has been out for a while now. I was lucky enough to get this in the first week it was out, picking up one of the last palettes in the store.

My Sleek collection is slowly growing and I risk my palette reviews all reading the same since the quality of this palette is as high as previous ones. As usual the palette contains a beautiful selection of pigmented colours in a range of finishes.

Of the Sleek palettes I have this is my favourite. The colours are more neutral although there is a range of tones and the colours lend themselves to both day and night looks.

I was a bit concerned in other reviews when I read that this was considered a dupe to the naked palette, which I also own. But having them side by side I think you can easily justify having both and I don’t consider the oh so special to be a dupe.

My favourite colours of the palette are Organza, Gift Basket and Wrapped Up, which along with bow are the colours I used for my first look. I applied organza all over the lid, with gift basket in the crease and deepened that with wrapped up. I then applied bow to the browbone and in the inner corner. 

I also experimented with brown eyeliner for the first time and really like the finished result. But I will have a blog post about that at a later date.

Please share your looks with the oh so special palette, I am always grateful for inspiration. Also, if you would like to me to compare this with the naked palette let me know below.

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