Thursday, 25 August 2011

Jolen wax pearls review

I was given a half full pot of Jolen wax pearls to try from my cousin who originally brought it. As the name suggests the wax is originally supplied as pearls which you melt in the microwave and apply to the skin, it then hardens and you rip it off along with your hair so no strips are needed.

The instructions state that the wax should melt in the whole tub in three minutes. Even with the half tub I had and a 900w microwave it took closer to 8 minutes to melt the wax completely. You have to be very watchful of the time and not just leave it in there for longer since it will heat up so much that it can’t be used immediately.

The wax was very easy to use. Using the spatula provided I found the best way was to apply against the hair direction so that at the bottom there was a thicker layer of wax which you could then use as a grip to pull the strip against the hair as you would with normal waxing.

I would apply the wax to a few different areas first which gave enough time for the first area to set and then go back and remove the strips. Because of the consistency of the wax you can only make and use that strip once. The strips came off fairly well (with only residue left where the wax was applied more thinly) and were actually very good at removing even short hair.

Unfortunately there were a few down sides to the use. I was only doing half leg and this ended up becoming a race between me doing as much as I could and the wax cooling and becoming harder and more difficult to work with. As the wax did become harder it became stringy and messy and generally more difficult to use. I don’t particularly want to continually go back to the microwave and reheat, which I suspect would happen more frequently as you use up the wax.

Although it does work surprisingly well I would not recommend this product purely because it is not that easy to use. It cost just over £10 in Boots and considering how much wax you get through for quite small areas it is not very good value for money.

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