Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Burt’s Bees hair review

I was very kindly sent samples of Burt’s Bees shampoo and conditioner by Lush Duck after I mentioned on twitter that I was still searching for my perfect natural haircare.

As you would expect for natural products Burt’s Bees are paraben free, sulphate free, and free from other selections of nasties. I was sent the super shiny grapefruit and sugarbeet shampoo and conditioner. The smell of the shampoo in particular is strong and very refreshing whereas the conditioner is more subtle.
I am 50/50 in my opinion of this set. The big down side for me was that the shampoo doesn’t foam as well as I would like and feels matted and dry when you try to spread it. On the plus side I didn’t notice any build up and my hair didn’t look greasy after two days, which I found with the organic surge hair range.

The conditioner on the other hand is lovely to use. It has a thick consistency which spread throughout the hair well but, it is not as conditioning as I would like considering my hair is naturally very dry.

There were also a few pleasant surprises using this set. I found that my hair has not been so flyaway/frizzy on the occasions I have used it and although I tend to be dismissive of hair care product claims of ’super shiny’ properties this actually did give a nice shine to my hair.

I’m afraid Burt’s Bees hasn’t won me over completely. I am really after something that foams well and that I can work into my hair without concern that I haven’t washed properly.

Thank you to Lush Duck for the opportunity to give these products a try. Lush Duck is an online store which offers a selection of natural organic products including one of my favourite skin care collections, Organic Surge. They offer 10% off for new customers and best of all free postage!

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