Sunday, 3 July 2011

Sunday Night Thoughts - Fake Beauty

I read this article on fake beauty this week and was surprised at the definition of ‘fake'. So I wanted to pose that question to anyone with an opinion on the topic and ask what do you consider to be fake?

I personally have always thought of cosmetic surgery as being the definition, something that is a permanent and drastic change to your appearance. Just to be clear I have no objections with people getting cosmetic surgery, I am very much of a live and let live attitude. But I was surprised in the article to read on the list of ‘bold treatments’ that things like nail art were considered to be fake beauty. I understand that I wasn’t born with bright red/orange/purple etc nails but surely that doesn’t put me a category of ‘faking it’?

I have always thought makeup enhances beauty, as well as gives confidence. The article suggests the new faking it, is going by what we individually think looks good rather than actually trying to convince others that is what we really look like all the time. But surely this isn’t a bad thing? Or have I just been completely taken in by advertising and media and not seen that we are all thinking that it is ok to enhance  our hair, lashes, and nails on a daily basis and not see anything wrong with this.

What do you consider faking-it in terms of beauty?

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