Sunday, 17 July 2011

Sunday Night Thoughts - Beauty Confidence

It was lovely to have so many peoples opinions two weeks ago on fake beauty. I wasn’t very organised last weekend to schedule a post to go up while I was at the wedding but I wanted to carry on the discussion into beauty confidence.

I read this article about women’s spending habits when preparing for a holiday. I wasn’t really surprised at the amount women spend on clothes in preparation, in fact I was surprised that it was the over 50s group they were referring too, since I imagined under 50s would spend a lot too. But I was suprised that the psychologist they asked for a response, commented that this was essentially an issue of confidence in themselves.

I personally don’t like being away from home and not having all my comforts and things. I just don’t like being unprepared so having to fit everything into a suitcase is not a fun task. Generally for the sake of space and weight I will try and reuse outfits if possible and take away a few key pieces, particularly ones I cannot wear here! I already pick clothes which I think are flattering so I don’t tend to have a fear of looking bad.

I personally feel less insecure about how I look while I am away. But am I the exception here? I don’t agree with the article at all, but I would be interested to know your viewpoints.

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