Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Sleek Mediterranean Palette review and look

So I asked people to guess the palette I used for the makeup I did in my last post. It was in fact the Sleek Mediterranean palette! The look was completely inspired by Nilufar at Nilufar Loves, her review swayed me into buying the palette in the first place.

I have become a big fan of Sleek products in the past few months, so I was excited to see the swatches of the new palette. At the same time I am afraid of colour and stick to neutrals a lot, so I wasn’t sure I would get any use out of this at all. Now I have it, I am really pleased I brought it and may set myself the challenge of taking only this on my holiday in August and seeing the looks I can create out in the sunshine.

As ever, the colours are all very pigmented and I really like the even mix of finishes. My favourite colours are aquamarine, midnight garden, sunset and hummingbird, which I am really surprised about as I have never liked blues.

I opted not to go for the blush that was released with the collection after being a little scared of the look in the pan! But I have a feeling I will regret this as I did with pan tao. However, magenta madness looks like it could be very similar in colour and I may try using this as a blush. I would love if Sleek created a blush palette and either combined their best shades or created new ones.

The look I created used 3 of the colours. I used bamboo as a highlight and in the corner of my eye as well as blending all the colours together up the crease very slightly.

All over the lid I used sunset and midnight garden in the crease. I needed to do a lot of blending, to get a nice finish, partly because the blue shade is very pigmented and partly because of my lack of blending skills. This is where the bamboo shade came in really helpful to get rid of any harsh lines and create the shape I wanted. I really like that this combination of colours actually makes the navy appear like a plum purple.

Under the eye I also the three shades blending into one another. You may also be able to notice that I used Sleek luminaire under my eyes. I found the best way to apply this was with a small concealer brush which allowed me to get really close under the eye.

On the rest of my face: 
Bella Pierre mineral foundation in cinnamon, 
Witch concealer stick, 
Garnier eye roll on and Sleek luminaire, 
mix of mememe blush in rouge and bourgeois mineral radiance 
ELF bare brown and Boots naturals caramel lipstick

If you have looks for the palette please place the links below so I can get some inspiration! What do you think of the palette itself and the look I managed to create?

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