Sunday, 24 July 2011

The “Rocco" Bag

I had always promised myself a designer handbag with my first pay check but when it came down to it I chickened out! After seeing a number of bloggers featuring this bag I shamelessly have jumped on the bandwagon and decided this would be my substitute.

I made my order from a UK eBay seller which meant I didn’t have to wait too long for arrival. With the postage I paid around £32 which aside from my Miche bag is the most I have ever paid.

The bag is actually a lot bigger than I had thought in the photographs. But that isn’t a negative, the space inside is huge and I like being able to fit so much in. The quality is far better than I had expected and the bag feels very sturdy.

Needless to say, I love this bag. I felt very glamourous wondering around the shops with it at the weekend, I am hoping that everyone knows that feeling I am talking about. I am even considering getting the nude colour with shoulder straps should it ever come back in stock…..after all I have made such a huge saving…...
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