Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Quick Review - L’Oreal Glam Shine

The first of the things I brought in my latest shopping trip, after seeing J.Lo in the latest L’Oreal I wanted the lip gloss she was wearing. I loved the colour even though it looks like a really bright orange in the tube. 

The shade is Aqua Mandarin (orange). I chose the fresh option, which is not shimmery although there is a shimmer version available. I really like the shape of the applicator which makes it really easy to apply and picks up the right amount of product.

A little disappointingly the gloss is a lot sheerer than I imagined. In most lighting conditions it looks much more like a clear gloss but I found when outside more of an orange tint could be seen. I was hoping for a little more colour pay off considering how bright it looks in the tube but it has made me a little braver about possibly picking up an orange or coral colour lipstick. It has a lovely sweet and fruit scent and is not too sticky. It feels hydrating on the lips and is as long wearing as any other gloss.

At £4.99 on promotion from Superdrug it’s not something I would rush out for but if you have it on your mind to purchase it is worth picking up now. 

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