Friday, 15 July 2011

Quick Review - ELF Mist and Set

I received ELF as a freebie with other purchases back in January and hadn’t started to use it until recently. More recently I have found my makeup isn’t lasting all day. I can only put this down to the travelling I do to work and the fact that once I am there, I am sitting at a desk all day and finding myself touching my face (which is a habit I need to stop!).  What is really unusual is that it fades unevenly!

The Smashbox primer I am using up for my project 10 pan doesn’t seem to help with making my makeup last, but I have found that the ELF mist and set is better at this.

The instructions say to spray lightly on your face, but from my experience lightly doesn’t work. So I spray 2 light pumps on each half of my face and this works really well. I allow the it to dry naturally rather than blot.

Although my makeup still fades eventually, it fades evenly and to a lesser extent than if I were not to use any at all. When I have used it for nights out, my makeup lasts perfectly over the course of the evening.

On the more negative side I do not like the smell of the product at all, which reminds me of stagnant water. But this smell doesn’t linger.

The product contains aloe, green tea, cucumber and vitamins A, C, and E which is meant to be moisturising and soothing to the skin. I cannot remember the blog post (or the blogger) but I remember reading that the ingredients aren’t very good compared to MAC fix+ so this has made me reluctant to use it daily incase it were to break me out. If anyone knows the post I am talking about, please link below!

For the price I think ELF could have been a bit more generous than the 60ml they give, especially considering I use more than suggested I am likely to get through it quicker. I can’t compare it to any similar product but as a cheap fix, this works.

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