Friday, 29 July 2011

Preparing to graduate - teeth and nails

Part two of my preparing to graduate series. A big thank you for all the comments on the first post, I am glad to know the topic is of interest. Another aspect of my preparation was home teeth whitening and nails.

I’ll start with teeth. I do not have a bad level of staining on my teeth and make a point of visiting my hygienist twice a year, that being said I have always wanted them whiter and have considered professional treatments. I have used Crest whitening strips on two occasions in the past as a cheaper alternative. The first time I purchased the "advanced vivid" variation and on this occasion the "professional effects" which is meant to give enhanced whitening.

I purchased both from America via amazon for around £25-30 for a 20 day supply. The first time I was able to the "advanced vivid” for the whole 20 day time course, but with the professional batch I experienced increased sensitivity and the bottom of my two front teeth in particular developed unsightly white dots and I stopped using them after about 10 days.

For the run up to graduation I used a strip every other day. This still worked to give me a whitening effect but I didn’t get the sensitivity or white patches. I would repurchase these again (treatments can be performed twice a year) but I would go back to the “advanced vivid” variety seen as this version was too harsh for me.

On a side note, I purchased the advanced seal versions both times as these are meant to adhere to the teeth better and not move in the half hour treatment time, which I found was the case.

On the day of graduation I brushed my teeth with Pearl Drops Hollywood instant whitening toothpaste. This is used the same as regular toothpaste but contains micropolishers which are meant to give you a whiter-looking smile. The instructions states for a “ultra glossy look” to use it twice daily for two weeks but I have only ever used it for special occasions.

For my nails I decided to do a simple and classic french manicure. It occurred to me that I have never shared my favourite French manicure polishes, 2True, which I purchased years ago from Superdrug. I know that these must have been cheap since I was a student at the time.

The picture shows the nail tip white, and I also used the manicure pink of the same range on top. I prefer wearing the muted white colour on my tips as it seems more natural. The brush is a good size and shape to get a good line free-hand. It does need two coats to get a good colour and dries in an average time. The pink only needs one coat, but habit means that I always do two! It is so pale that all it does is add a nice shine and finish to the nails.

This photograph was taken 4 days later, and as you can see it lasts really well without chipping. What does occur is what looks like cracks in the white polish with a grey tinge but this is only visible when looking very closely.

This ends my preparing for graduation series! I hope you have enjoyed and found it helpful.

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