Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Montagne Jeunesse MEGA REVIEW

I was fortunate enough to be sent a load of Montagne Jeunesse products to review. As you may have already seen I have already featured Montagne Jeunesse product reviews for things I purchased myself and have been a fan of the brand for a long time, so I hope all can trust that my review will be fair and be solely my own opinions.

The bundle I was sent actually made me aware of far more products from the brand, such as hair masks and lip products which I have never seen in stores. I would recommend purchasing online, since they offer free postage with only £7.50 worth of products and you have access to the entire range.

I have selected some stand out products for quick reviews.

Tonic Masks
I tried out the Cherry and the Aloe Vera Tonics. Both work in the same way, with each sachet containing one mask soaked in various extracts which you simply place over your face and leave for 5-10 minutes. Both masks have holes cut for the eyes and nose and you have to detach the mouth section (I am not sure why) prior to application. These are so simple and mess free which is a huge advantage.

I was not expecting to find a difference between the two, however I far preferred the aloe vera in terms of scent, experience and result. The cherry scent was very artificial and not as relaxing an aroma. The cherry mask also gave me a tingling sensation for the 10 minute time course which I did not find relaxing, whereas I did not have this with the aloe vera mask. I was surprised with this result since, the aloe vera mask was said to deep cleanse and moisturise, whereas the cherry tonic focussed more on being suitable for dry skin. Both are designed to have the skin feel smooth and hydrated after use, which I certainly did find with both. I would not purchase the cherry mask again as I really did not like the sensation, but I would use the aloe vera tonic many times over!

Hot Miracle hair masque
I spoke about this in a previous blog post, a highly underrated hair masque and the serum which comes with it is great, I hope that Montagne Jeunesse see this and think about having the serum in a bottle!

Peel face masques
When I used the peel face masks years ago I never liked them thinking they didn’t do much in the way of deep cleansing. This time round I really enjoyed using the tropical face masque more so than any of the other traditional face masques. The only downside with this was the artificial smell.

Party shimmer moisturiser
I would recommend opening and sharing this on a night out with girl friends. This is something which would probably be better suited in a tube. It gives a beautiful subtle shimmer.

There were a few products I didn’t love too, such as the apricot scrub, which was mostly down to scent rather than how it worked as a exfoliator, and the smoothie face mask, which dried too quickly for me and became uncomfortable. However, because of the affordability of the range and the fact that you can just try out a masque once and decide if you like it without spending a lot of money or ending up with a tub/tube of something you won’t use again, you have nothing to loose by getting a selection and finding your favourite.

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