Sunday, 31 July 2011

July empties

This is a project 10 pan update along as well as some other items I have used up this month. I originally intended to keep all the empty containers until I had finished the project 10 pan, but even with only a small pile developing on my bathroom floor the urge to throw them into the recycling is too much!

Of the project 10 pan I have finished 4 of 10 items.

Tresseme heat protectant. I never liked this since it would leave my hair feeling sticky even with a liberal amount used so I am glad to be done with this.

Avon anew reversalist serum. I went through this whole bottle without having any strong thoughts about the product. It didn’t appear to do anything good for my skin but equally it didn’t do anything bad either. A lady commented in my first project 10 pan that this had done wonders for her so I suspect that it’s just not for my skin type or condition.

Blinc resurfa-a-stick. I have previously reviewed this. I liked the exfoliator and the idea of how to use but the reality made me feel like I was wasting what is an expensive product. I prefer the Soap and Glory “greatest scrub of all” which I am using now.

Avon anew eyeshadow. I was using this daily and can’t scrape any more out of the tube. I have also previously reviewed this. I need to find a new daily substitute now.

Of other items in my bathroom, I have used up my Organic Surge shampoo and conditioner and my Boots cleansing balm, again I have previously reviewed these.

Of my remaining project 10 pan items the Bourgeois mineral radiance still looks the same, but since I am going away soon I have a cheeky plan. I usually try to take half empty bottles or samples on holiday so that I can use them up and leave them behind, so I may just retire the blush after this trip.

I hope that by the end of August I will be done with the project 10 pan and that I would have used up enough other things to justify my growing list of wants!

I am considering picking a product each month which I will try to use more often just to make sure I get the best use out of everything I own. For the month of July I have chosen ELF liquid lipstick in babylips so please let me know if you would like to see an empties post each month.

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