Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Quick Review - Witch Concealer Stick

I picked up the Witch concealer stick (shade natural) on a promotion, hoping that it would replace my ELF studio concealer pencil and brush as my go to concealer. Being Witch, the concealer contains witch hazel and therefore, is dual action, acting to fight blemishes at the same time as concealing them.

The concealer is in retractable form, in a sleek silver pen, which makes it perfect for travel, without worrying that it will break. The formulation is smooth and creamy and applies and blends easily and lasts well without a primer. The shade is little lighter than the ELF light concealer but still works well for my skin tone, and I believe any other medium toned person. I am not convinced that it will adapt well for very fair or dark skin tones.

Although it does work well at concealing spots and marks, I have not found that it helps to fight blemishes, with even small spots still remaining after a few days of use.

At £4.99, it is reasonably priced as a concealer, but I would still opt for the ELF studio since that does help to reduce spots and the appearance of marks in the longer term. 
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