Monday, 13 June 2011

Quick Review - Samy Big Curls Defining Cream

Another curly hair product review, after trying out the Samy Joouge curl creme I was keen to try out more of the range. Unlike the previous cream I reviewed, this can be used on wet hair for styling.

The bottle states that the creme amplifies curls adding volume, texture and shine and that it is formulated to define, separate and extend, to create frizz-free curls which keep their shape and last all day. The creme is also meant to help decrease breakage also and not add stiffness or weight to the hair.

I love this creme. What has most impressed me is the result I get when I was my hair in the morning and allow it to dry naturally (see pictures). Usually drying my hair this way gives me looser curls, I assume because of the weight of the hair, so I opt to wash my hair before bed and let it dry naturally while I am asleep, so there is no influence of gravity!  With this product, my hair felt so soft and the product left no residue or ‘crunch’. As you can hopefully tell from the pictures, my curls were well defined, with minimal frizz and good volume too.

The creme smells lovely, it reminds me mostly of orange peel. My only problem with the creme it is that it is too fluid, which was the same criticism I had of the Avon gel, so I don’t know if this is becoming more standard. I apply this the same way I would any other hair creme, rubbing a small amount in my palms and working through all my hair, and scrunching before leaving to dry. I make a point of not touching my hair if I can avoid it during the dying process, which also prevents it frizzing. 
A 170ml bottle is £5.10 but I notice on the Superdrug website that there is a promotion for any two products in the range for £6.99.

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