Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Good Things Skin Products…. The review

Good things are a brand designed for young skin which are free from parabens, mineral oils, SLS and animal ingredients. The packaging is fresh and pretty and what initially attracted me to it. Each of the products is made with particular super fruits, which suit the purpose of the product. For example, avocado oil and fig for their moisturising properties and plenty of different fruits rich in antioxidants are used throughout the range.

After a browse on their website, I have found out I am a year outside of their target age group, but hopefully this shouldn’t impact too much on the experience I have had with the products.

I have been using the cream cleanser, eye, day and night cream for over a month. The cleanser is the only product which even after using it all, I am undecided about. It took just over a month, using twice daily to get through the tube. The directions state that you should rub into the skin for a minute and remove with a flannel. However, although I did this on occasion, I mostly used it with my clarisonic. It cleansed well enough, and was not drying to the skin. I did not like the smell, which was quite artificial for something with big letters on the front saying ‘grape and pomegranate extracts’.

The eye cream is light and absorbs really well. The scent isn’t overwhelming, and although I can’t say I have seen any dramatic differences to my eye area in the time I have been using this, I do like it.

The day cream, similarly to the eye cream is light and absorbs very well into the skin. My face feels smooth and moisturised throughout the day, again the scent with this isn’t strong.

The dream cream night cream is my favourite product of the collection, it is just the right consistency, only being a little thicker than the day cream and absorbs well into the skin without feeling heavy. From the first use my skin felt very moisturised and soft in the morning. The smell is artificial (in fact there is very little difference between the scents of each of the products), but luckily it doesn’t linger. The instructions state that this can also be used as a face mask, by applying a thicker layer on and leaving for 10 minutes, which I think is a nice bonus feature.

With all of the products, I can tell I have a good few more months use out of them, since so little is needed, making them great value for money.

My skin condition has got better in terms of dryness, in fact, I am now noticing that my forehead is oily at the end of the day. However, since I am travelling on the underground every day, I don’t know if the London air is the reason for that effect, rather than possibility of skin condition changing so rapidly with the use of a product. I have also noticed, a few smaller breakouts under the skin, not unsightly in comparison to the past, but enough to be bothersome. The range doesn’t say anything about being non-comedogenic, only that it is dermatologically tested, which has no meaning at all! I suspect that some component of one or both of the moisturisers is to blame, since that sits on my skin for longer.

All that being said, I am glad to have tried the range, but aside from the eye cream wouldn’t want to repurchase anything else or even give the other products in the range a try. I would like to start switching to more natural based products, but this range doesn’t go far enough for me and hasn’t delivered.

Any recommendations as to what to try next?

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