Thursday, 12 May 2011


I mentioned in a previous post that I took advantage of a QVC today’s special value featuring O.P.I nails. The parcel arrived on Monday and I immediately tore it open and swatched everything!

A little disappointingly, the package arrived with very little in the way of pretty packaging. Just as well I was so excited about the contents. 

I’ll start with the less exciting stuff, O.P.I nail envy, which is just on time in terms of my nail condition, since they are peeling and breaking regularly. Also a cuticle gel, package for your handbag.

On to the colours, if you did read my last post, I primarily brought this set for the silver shatter polish (more about that later!). On air I was not too impressed with the colours. Having now seen them in the bottle and on my nails, I love them.

My favourite is the ‘houston we have a purple’ which is like no other shade I own, there is a strong pink to the shade, and in different lighting, the shade can look completely different, but always beautiful.

Surprisingly, I also loved the ‘guy meets gal-veston’ shade, which is a lovely coral, which I was expecting to be a lot more neon than it is. Also included was ‘you don’t know jacques’ a deep taupe colour, which is more of an autumn shade than a summer in my opinion, but will work great with neutral outfits. When I first saw the taupe polish on air, I thought it may be similar to ‘mushroom’ by Barry M, but as you can see from the image, mushroom is a lighter shade.

Finally, the star purchase in my eyes, the silver shatter. A beautiful, shimmery silver, which looks stunning on the nail. I love this more than the black shade and I think it will work perfectly in the summer and winter.

All of the polishes have a sheer finish, and need a minimum of two coats. Unfortunately, my base coat took an age to dry and in my impatience I applied the polishes anyway and found they took ages to dry too. I am assuming this is the base coat rather than the polish itself, otherwise this will be quite disappointing, but I  will comment on this again when I get round to a nails of the week post. 

Let me know what you think of the shades, and do you think the silver shatter will get everyone excited about shatter polishes again?

 N.B. Incase you were wondering, no it’s not my hands featured in all the pictures, I used my mum as a tester too! 
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