Sunday, 29 May 2011

Quick Review - Simple Eye Makeup Corrector Pens

The Simple Eye Makeup Corrector Pen was released over 2 months ago now, exclusively to Boots priced at £4.99.

I always seem to smudge my eyeliner or transfer mascara, typically I end up using a cotton pad or ear bud to tidy it up. This pen replaces the need for that, it has the perfect pen nib shape, which makes it great for getting close to the lash line and removing any stray liner! Being ’simple’ the formula, is non- greasy, non-irritating and gentle.

One thing I noticed in the instructions though, is that you need makeup remover wipes to clean the nib after each use, but I don’t use these and need to get myself a cheap packet for this purpose only.

It seems so obvious that something like this should have been made earlier! Only thing I haven’t been able to judge yet, is how much use you will get out of it. 
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