Monday, 9 May 2011

Quick Review - Avon Glimmerstick Eyeliner

I wanted to start a series of quick product reviews as and when I try new things out. I know that generally I am quite extensive, which I think is necessary with those pricy purchases however, some things just don’t need that much detail!

First up is Avon’s Glimmerstick Eyeliner in blackest black. I have mixed feelings about this, I have always heard good reviews so I had high expectations, which is never a good thing!

On the plus side, on the lash line it does last all day. I like that it is retractable and I don’t have to search around for my sharpener when I am in a hurry! It is also cheap, at £6 or under generally, even offered as a freebie with other purchases in occasion.

Unfortunately, there are more negative points. I haven’t found that it lasts on my waterline, contrary to other reviews. Since, the formulation isn’t creamy, it is difficult to spread and apply easily, and I struggle to get a lot of transfer to my waterline.

Considering the name, it isn’t an intense black (unless you press more than you should on your eye), that being said this works well as a day liner. The image below shows the bottom lines applied with the same pressure I would use on my lash line, and top line applied with a harder hand. I also did a quick water and smudge test, it is a very smudgy eyeliner, but does perform quite well after being wet.

Although being retractable is a plus, it means that the nib is a little wider than I would prefer so I find it difficult to get a thin line when I want one.

Overall it's a thumbs down for me, since I wouldn’t purchase it again. I like the fact that it lasts all day but so does my gel eyeliner and that is easier to work with. I do have a ‘diamond’ glimmerstick which I haven’t used yet, so I will let you know if that performs the same.

Let me know what you think of Avon Glimmerstick, has it lived up to the hype for you? or does Avon sell something better?
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