Monday, 16 May 2011

Quick Review - Advance Techniques Curl Control Curl Defining Gel

The second of my quick reviews, I brought this on promotion for £2, having been pleased to find that Avon was finally doing a curly hair range! 

Avon states; Lightweight gel serum that adds definition and bounce to curls and waves* (*Formulated to help protect hair against heat styling) 
I have always preferred gels and creams to mouse and sprays since, I found the result to be that much better, with nicer, frizz free curls which hold for up to two days as long as I tie my hair up at night. This product is no exception, to use, after brushing through wet hair, you rub a little gel between your palms and scrunch throughout your hair. 
The consistency is very fluid rather than gel like and just pours out of the tube, I have always ended up with more product than I wanted. When you rub between your palms though it does take on more of a gel feel and is easier to work with.

I like to let my hair dry naturally overnight, getting the results shown below. I then just use a little natural hold hairspray and find that the curls last for two days.

I have dropped it and the lid broke immediately, which was disappointing and even more annoying considering how fluid the gel is. When I let my hair dry naturally, it does dry a little more ‘crispy’ I expect because I apply more product than I would like. 

The curl gel normally retails at £4.50 for 150ml, however considering the results I get with other products in the same price range, I wouldn’t repurchase this unless it was on promotion again. I like the idea that it is formulated to protect against heat styling (although I am not sure how I could test that claim!) and would like to see more products which double up as styling products and heat protectors. 
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