Monday, 23 May 2011

Hair cut and treatment

I was in desperate need of a haircut. My hair was starting to look dull and the curls were falling out from the weight. Lucky for me my mum is a hairdresser, so I am able to let her do her thing without too much worry! Having curly hair, and wearing it that way the majority of the time, I am a bit limited with style, so I usually get a few inches cut off and some layers put in, and have found that works best for me. 

I washed my hair immediately after and decided to treat it with a hair masque. I was sent this “hot miracle” by Montagne Jeunesse for review and picked it seen as it only needed to be left in for a minute. I let the hot water of the shower heat up the packet a little before applying and then left it on for approximately one minute. The packet is separated into two, with the hair mask in one, with just enough product for one application. Although it is meant to have an avocado scent, I could not really make one out. The mask isn’t as creamy as ones I have used in the past and I also didn’t get that immediate soft feeling that you get after rinsing. The second half of the packet contained a hair serum, again enough for one use. This had a great texture to it, not sticky at all and spread throughout my entire hair easily. I then styled as normal and let my hair dry naturally. 

This was the result…...

My hair feels so soft to touch now, I can’t help but touch it, plus it has a nice bit of healthy looking shine. Curly hair has a tendency to be dry, so to feel my hair so soft is amazing! Immediately after using the products, I was a bit ‘meh’ about it, since I could not feel any immediate effect. I am not sure if it was the mask that improved the condition, the serum or the combination of the two. Either way I think Montagne Jeunesse should think about bringing that out alone as a bottle, and potentially even the hair masques in larger tubes as they have with the face masques. I have never really been a fan of serums since I never saw a result. 

I hope this isn’t a case of ‘one time wonder’ since I personally have found with hair using something new makes it feel great for a while and then it almost gets used to the product. At £1.01 it is definitely worth a try and will be one I will be repurchasing. 
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