Thursday, 5 May 2011

Clarisonic Pro Review

I can imagine that the internet is flooded with reviews of the Clarisonic, but I wanted to share my experience of using it. I received the Clarisonic Pro as a christmas gift, there are several models, the pro has various speed settings and also allows for the body brush attachment.

Briefly, the tool claims;

  • sonic technology (gentle vibrations, not rotations) gently yet effectively loosen dirt and oil to clear pores. 
  • more than 300 movements per second gives micro-massage action gently exfoliate skin which can be twice as effective as manual cleansing 
  • removes 6x more makeup than manual cleansing
  • leaves skin feeling and looking smoother
  • cleanses so well that products absorb better
  • gentle enough for twice daily use
  • helps reduce oily areas, dry skin patches and blemishes
  • helps reduce the appearance of visible pores
Since I have received it I have used it twice a day, every day, with the odd exception when I have not been looking at the power level and it has run out of charge. It may make you laugh to know that the first time it ran out of charge after about 2 weeks, I got myself into a panic thinking it was broken! The intensity of the vibrations is the same from full to low power so not having taken notice of the light indicators on the front, it didn’t occur to me that it was out of charge!!

I use the clarisonic as follows; wet the brush, add cleanser (I have noticed cream cleansers work best), use for 1 minute as directed, rinse face. The clarisonic has a one minute time setting which is advised for use, 20 seconds each on the forehead, nose and chin area, and 10 seconds on each cheek. A series of beeps let you know when it is time to move onto the next area of your face. Very quick, simple and best of all in that one minute you can be confident that your skin is clean.

I have used this for 4 months now, and also had the chance to try out two different brush heads. The clarisonic originally comes with the sensitive brush, which as the name suggests is suitable for sensitive and normal skin types. Being softer than the normal brush head, it makes it the most suitable for an introduction to using the clarisonic. I had no problem adjusting to using the clarisonic so after three months, I replaced the sensitive brush head with the normal, which is a little more rough.

Unfortunately, at the time I initially starting using the clarisonic, my blog was just an idea so I did not take pictures of my skin to be able to show the difference. I am pretty sure that I will be repeating myself here, but my main skin care issues are dry skin, blogged and enlarged pores, uneven skin tone, scarring and monthly breakouts. Since using the clarisonic my monthly breakouts are almost non-existant. In the last 4 months I can only remember one huge, inflamed spot which led to a scar on my upper lip.

Additionally to helping with my breakouts, my skin feels smoother and the tone overall has improved, looking much more even now, coupled with the fact that the dry patches of skin I would get on my cheeks is also gone. I have found myself using less products, since they do absorb better. My scarring has faded hugely (although I do use other products for this). Just to note, the clarisonic is not labelled as an exfoliating tool, but I assume due to the nature of the way it works that a small amount may occur?

With each day I have found myself applying less and less makeup to coverup and overall my confidence has increased. I have had compliments on my skin, as well as people not thinking I am wearing makeup at all. I still want to tackle the blocked pores and do what I can to reduce the appearance, so I will try the deep cleanse brush, as well as experiment further with the best cleansers and exfoliators to use with it. So far that for me is the only claim it has not lived up to.

The regular gentle cleansing for one minute in the same fashion every day, I think is a key element to the success of the routine. The clarisonic is one of those investments that pays off, I realise that it is expensive, but I would pay it again if I had to, and for me the price is the only negative. That being said, if I think of the multiple numbers of cleansers I have purchased over the years, I have probably spent a lot more and not seen results. I understand other tools based on the same idea are now for sale which have faster vibrations, deeper cleansing and are cheaper, so should they work the same, they would be a great alternative. 
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