Friday, 6 May 2011

Bargain Alert! InStyle Freebies

So I spied this is in the newsagents today and of course had to pick up a copy. For £3.70 you get a copy of InStyle magazine and one of 3 shades of Nails Inc polish. One of the colours (teal) was not available, so I chose ‘Candy Orange’ since the other shade (Fashion Fawn) reminded me of one from the diet coke promotion earlier this year.

I haven’t painted my nails for a while, since they seem to be breaking a lot but I wanted to do a quick swatch for you on a few nails, so please excuse the unpainted nail! I want to start some sort of treatment to get them in good condition again (suggestions welcome). My little finger only has one coat applied, whilst the other two fingers have two coats which I think is perfect. I prefer the consistency of this polish to other freebies I have had, since it is thinner and therefore applies more smoothly. Another plus point is that it dries very quickly.

I love the colour, it makes me feel happy, but I love brights generally! Unfortunately, it is very difficult to photograph and appears more neon that it is. It is worth mentioning that the colour is true to what you see in the bottle (which I have noticed isn’t always the case with some polishes), so if you don’t like it in the bottle it may not be for you. Let me know what you think of it, or if you went for the other shades!  
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