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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Bare Minerals Pure Transformation Night Treatment - Part 2

Over a month ago I purchased the Bare Minerals Pure Transformation Night Treatment and did an introductory review about why I purchased it and its claims, here.

I hadn’t even realised that it had been a month since I started using the treatment. I found that it easily slipped into my routine and have not missed a night of use. Following cleansing and moisturising, I apply the makeup ‘1 layer’ to one half of my face at a time, and then 1 layer all over rather than the 2-3 layers all over as advised. It ends up being a fairly heavy layer of makeup, which I just buffed in, particularly over the areas I wanted to target the most (nose, cheeks and chin).

The medium shade worked perfectly for my skin tone and looked fairly natural. I never had comments from family having noticed I was wearing anything. I have to say, the product did satisfy my vanity by concealing somewhat and making that first look in the mirror in the morning a bit less scary! It was a bit strange to wash my face in the morning though, and see so much makeup coming off. Contrary to the claims made by the bare minerals team, this does rub off on your pillow, but luckily also washes off easily.

The first few nights I was convinced that my skin felt itchy immediately after putting it on, but I didn’t feel this over the course of the month. In fact I could barely tell that I was wearing it. Originally I took some scary close up images of my skin, open, blocked pores fully visible and hoped that I could at the end of the review period I could show some lovely images of my reduced pores, but alas this isn’t the case and I don’t wish to scare anyone! Some days I felt as though my pores did appear reduced, but the close up images really speak for themselves and I know this was all in my head!

One thing I did like though, is that any nights where is looked like a potential spot was forming, in the morning I noticed that it had reduced, and never developed completely. I know that there are mineral spot treatments out there, for example ELF have one in their mineral range which they sell for £6. Since this was the only real benefit I saw, I think I know what I will buy for this. I have read some reviews where the product has broken people out, seeing the opposite effects I don’t know why this would be.

My skin is not as dry as it use to be since using this, I don’t know if that is a result of increased cell turnover as the product claims? In fact, particularly on my forehead it can feel a little greasy, I have been travelling into central London more though, so I suspect it may be to do with the dirty air!

I never cleaned the brush, on the bare escentuals night, we were told that since you were applying it to clean skin it was unnecessary. Since my skin never broke out or felt itchy, I didn’t feel the need to.

I think it is safe to say I won’t be repurchasing this, and equally I won’t be trying out the cleanser and moisturisers. If this product is meant to contain the highest active concentration of ’soil’ then I doubt using the products containing less, in combination, will show any difference. After the months trial, I had some nights where I did not apply the treatment just to see, if my skin would then look any different not it, but again I didn’t see any effects.

Since bare minerals are always stating that their makeup is good enough to sleep it, if I wanted to be that vain, surely I should just apply that and save myself the extra cash?
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  2. Wow - I've never even heard of make-up for bed! This is certainly interesting, since I use the Bare Minerals powdered foundation.

    x Michelle |

  3. I've started using this for the past month and it does make my skin look nicer aka covers the redness. I also started using BioOil afterwards and have noticed that I have not broken out since this combination... I don't know which one is the one working! I live in a humid environment and have had issues for years (ever since the teen years) with breakouts, so I'm finally happy (in my mid-30s) to finally have them minimised (I'm hesitant to say gone forever as I'll jinx it!). Each to their own really!

  4. Thank you for doing this review. I almost bought this product last night but held off. Now I am glad I did.

  5. I bought this about a month ago and LOVE it. I have horrible skin. Occasional breakouts and acne scars, very uneven skin tone Oh and huge pores. I noticed results within a week. Ive even gotten A comment reguarding my skin (which is very unsual for me). It seems to be fading scars and evening out skin tone slowly but surely. Pore size is questionable but ill take what i can get. LOVE this product!

  6. I've REALLY been deliberating over buying this or not; it appeals to me because it gives coverage. You see I'll finish work and go to the gym then shower AND then my boyfriend finishes work and comes over and I hate him seeing me without makeup and in PJs all the time so I'm thinking if I get this it'll just cover my redness and make me appear a bit more 'naturally' beautiful?! Or am I wishful thinking?! ;P

  7. It's such an interesting idea and I love anything that seems a bit different, but to me, the idea of applying make-up to sleep in just feels wrong! Glad to read others are getting on well with it though xx

  8. ugh how depressing, have us girls really gotten to this point.


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