Sunday, 10 April 2011

TRESemme Waterless Foam Shampoo Review

I do not use dry shampoo often, but I imagine we all have those days where we have not made time or are just being lazy and a touch up is needed. Although overall I would just rather give my hair a good wash, I have liked the TRESemme dry shampoo, spraying it on to my roots letting it sit for a while and then ruffling it out, getting rid of the grease and adding a bit of volume too, reviving my look.

I then spotted the waterless foam version and thought that having curly hair this may act to remove the greasy patch and revive the curls a bit. The directions say to work it through your whole hair and then rub with a towel to finish the style. Considering the product is aimed at dry, frizz prone hair, rubbing with a towel doesn’t seem like a good idea!

Using two pumps I concentrated most of the foam at my roots rather than working through to the ends as suggested. I didn’t notice any particularly strong scent to comment on and just rubbed the foam into my roots and scrunched it into the hair further down. Although it worked to remove the greasy look, my hair looked wet where I had applied it, which I did not like. Maybe I apply too much? Since it left my hair a bit ‘crunchy’.  I also didn’t notice any moisturising effect considering I do have dry hair and the product is aimed for dry hair.

Although it does work to get rid of the grease, I just find it difficult to use and is the reason why I won’t be repurchasing. I don’t hate it enough to stop using it when needed, although I may begin to work it through my whole hair just to get through it faster!
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