Friday, 29 April 2011

Top 3 Products…..

…… can never have enough of.

I found this blog post about beauty products women seem to have an infinite supply of, and thought I would share my personal top 3.

1. Scrunchies - I always have my hair tied up at home, and generally take scrunchies on and off in my bathroom, but somehow they always disappear and I end up buying more!

2. Lip balms - I have these all over the place, there is always one in whatever hand bag I am using, bed side table, bathroom cabinets. That being said I can never find one when I really want one!

3. Face masks - I always have multiple in my cupboards and these are the only things I don’t use up before starting another, since what I use is determined by my mood, the time I have and the effect I want.

Please share you personal top 3 with me either as a blog post (give me the link) or just leave a comment below :-)  
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