Saturday, 23 April 2011

Scented Carex Hand Gel

It may seem odd to do a post all about antibacterial hand gel, but I was really pleased to find these offerings in Boots today.

Ever since I received a lovely coconut scented hand gel from Bath and Body Works after my best friends trip to the States, I have always been disappointed using my Carex moisturising hand gel. It is amazing how much difference the scent can make in your enjoyment of using a product, which is essentially alcohol. I have used the ‘caribbean escape’  sparingly knowing that I won’t be able to get my hands on any more bottles soon! The scent is very strong and lingers for a long time after you initially use it.

On promotion for £1 each, Carex have now introduced scented hand gels, ‘relaxing’ lavender and rosewood, and ‘refreshing’ grapefruit and lime aroma. The consistency and way you use the gel, is the same as any other antibacterial hand gel. I would not consider the scents subtle, but there is still the strong scent of alcohol accompanied, which ruins it somewhat. I can’t help but compare the scents to the Bath and Body Works, the combinations do not quite work as well for me. The refreshing scent is very citrus and probably the one I prefer of the two, since the lavender smell of the relaxing scent comes second to that of the alcohol. Both then last for a similar amount of time on the skin as my Bath and Body Works fav, but the smell doesn’t quite fill the room as the Bath and Works does, which every time I have used, people have asked where the coconut smell has suddenly come from!

I do think these are great value, and I like the pump system for being able to control how much gel you use. I did spy a Soap and Glory scented hand gel (also a citrus scent), but at £2.50 for a smaller bottle I opted for two Carex ones instead! I am pleased to see that there could be a trend for scented hand gels, and that sometime in the future I might be able to find something close to my caribbean escape!   
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