Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Outfit of the Day - Wide Leg Trousers

I am so happy the sunshine is here!! I brought these trousers last week,  being instantly attracted to the print. For my body shape, I am actually surprised that they are flattering (well at least I think so). I love how feminine I feel today, with the comfort and confidence that I would get from wearing trousers, but that ‘pretty’ feeling that you get from a skirt.

I styled the trousers very simply, with a black t-shirt, and an large waisted belt. The trousers are high waisted so generally I feel that they look best with something which breaks the body into sections. A more loose fit top would have worked well also, although I do not have one!

The shoes I chose, may not seem to match but the height works perfectly, and the majority of the time the shoes do not actually show through which means that it works well. I also added my Primark flower necklace, and flower double finger ring from Aldo.

Lets hope the sunshine continues! 
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