Tuesday, 19 April 2011

No7 Extravagant Lashes Mascara Review

The label on the picture may say new, but I actually purchased this mascara a while ago when it was first released and being heavily promoted by Boots. It has sat in my mascara collection since and is finally its turn to be featured in my makeup bag.

I have previously reviewed the No7 Extreme Length mascara, which I have numerous sample sizes of from No7 promotions and actually really like that. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for the extravagant lashes.

The main feature of this mascara is the square shaped applicator, which is made up of a series of square disc stacked ontop of one another. As you can hopefully tell from the picture, its is the corners of these squares which are then used to apply the mascara. Although this design means that the wand picks up a lot of mascara, as someone with quite big eyes even I found this too big to use without it being awkward. I find myself being scared each time that I will end up transferring mascara all over my eyelid and now rarely apply mascara to my lower lashes. I am not sure what the logic behind the square applicator design is, but since I don’t recall seeing any other brands using it, I imagine it hasn’t been successful.

The mascara claims; volumising, lifting and curling effects. I did notice a slight curling effect, considering I do not always curl my lashes before applying mascara. The main effect I noticed was a huge amount of clumping. I believe this may be due to the formulation of the mascara, which contains a polymer (similar to eyelash glue I believe) which is meant to provide the curling effect. This makes the mascara feel sticky on the lashes, and also clumps. Also having spoken to a No7 assistant, the strong PVC glue like smell is normal, and is also due to the polymer used. She even told me that they do not actually advise this mascara!

On the positive side, the colour is very intense and because I do not like wastage, I will strictly use this to the 6 month advised time, and promptly replace!
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