Saturday, 9 April 2011

Nails of the week - Barry M Lemon Ice Cream

You may have spied my nail colour this week in a few of my previous posts. I read somewhere that yellow was the celebrity trend this spring/summer, which prompted me to get out my yellow shade. Generally I have only ever used this on the one nail, when I have gone for the multicoloured look. Admittedly, when I first applied I wasn’t keen, but with the sunshine we have had over the last few days I have grown to love it.

As with all Barry M polishes, the application was easy and 2 coats was sufficient for good coverage. If you are conscious of the nail tip showing (which is more obvious in the photograph), a third coat should deal with that. It has been 4 days of wear so far, and no chips. Unfortunately, the photographs don’t give a great representation of the shade, looking more of a bright yellow than the pastel shade which it is.

It cannot go unnoticed that I love Barry M, I hope that no one is getting tired of seeing their swatches but I just love them! In fact, I delayed posting this, since after a peek around on their website I noticed that they have 3 new nail effects/crackle shades! I think it goes without saying that I NEED to get these. I had been hoping to see if I could find them in stores and include that this weeks post, but I haven’t had the chance to get into town. When they do appear in the shops, you can be sure that will be my next look!
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