Friday, 1 April 2011

Me Me Me Blush Rouge

I only own three blushes, an ELF blush and bronzer duo, Benefit Coralista and a pink Bourgeois one. I tend to reach for Coralista on a daily basis since I love everything about it, but I know it is not always suitable!

I have had my eye on MeMeMe blushes for a while, I have heard they are very similar to Benefit, the packaging is almost identical but they only have 4 shades, a bronze, pink, coral and peach shade. Each are beautiful, I love the bronze shade but I don’t know how often I could wear that and opted for the shade ‘rouge’. I am always nervous swatching products in stores since the lighting is so misleading. I assumed from the name rouge would be a red shade but it is actually more of a peach/orange tone. Although it is not a matte shade, it does not have a lot of shimmer and to me makes it more wearable daily than coralista. It is also more pigmented than I expected so only a light touch is needed and I imagine even with daily use this will last for a very long time.

Coralista above and Rouge below, both with blended and unblended swatch
Other blog posts have compared rouge as a potential dupe to coralista, which at first got me very worried that I had chosen the wrong thing! However, I do not think this at all. If anything MeMeMe’s coral shade may be more comparable although I have not looked at them together. Rouge is far more of a peach tone in my opinion while coralista is more shimmery and is more pink.

I am really pleased with my purchase, and would love to go back and pick up the other shades in the future. You can find MeMeMe in Superdrug and the blushes usually retail at £8.50, at the moment they are on promotion for £1.50 off making them £7 each.
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