Sunday, 17 April 2011

‘The Flick’ Winged Eyeliner Stencil

My vitality show purchase, an eyeliner stencil called ‘The Flick’ and black gel eyeliner by Saffron. I have always struggled with doing winged eyeliner so this seemed like a perfect solution. The kit comes with two stencils. I have to admit at first I thought, why? since if you just turn it over it will be fine…… then I thought that through :-)

They are made of a flexible, but not flimsy plastic and allow you to place over your lid and fill in the area you want your eyeliner. You determine where to begin your eyeliner and how thick, and all I do is try to match up the edges with key point on my face, for example, placing part of the plastic up against my nose or inner eye so that I can get approximately the same area on the other eye and make the liner even. The only difficulty I have found is this initial lining up and making sure you are holding it down well so that you do not end up ‘colouring outside the line’. It is then just a case of practice to achieve the look you are going for.

The eyeliner provided is by Saffron. It is extremely creamy and applies easily and then ‘sets’ so that it is nearly smudge-proof. I have been impressed with the intensity of the black which lasts throughout the day. The brush supplied works perfectly with the stencil since it is small and dense. However, since I always like to take my eyeliner to the inner corner, it also works well to let me do this free hand. I have also tested out its water-proof capability and it has passed the test!

My first, through to my most recent eyeliner attempts using ’the flick’. As you can hopefully see, the first attempt was a much thicker and a longer ‘flick'. My most recent was more subtle and a thinner line, which is the way I prefer to do my eyeliner on a daily basis.

I am sure both the eyeliner and the stencils can be found reasonably priced on eBay, although I have not checked since I probably paid more than I should have, but I am impressed with both so I can get over that!
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