Thursday, 14 April 2011

Face of the Day - War Paint (featuring Sleek)

Having got the disappointing news that I was not selected for the job I wanted, I needed war paint today to stop myself getting too down about it all.

I have been experimenting with my Sleek palette a lot recently, as well as my eyeliner stencil (which I think I have finally got the hang of), and really like the look I achieved today. 

This look was achieved by placing peach gold on across the outer two thirds of the lid, then taking parfait and concentrating that in the inner corner before bringing it lighting across the rest of the lid. Concentrated in the crease is bittersweet and a tiny bit of the colour stone. Finally belini was used as a highlight. I apologise I did not have the foresight to take pictures step by step, but I do intend on doing another tutorial soon. 

A mid blink picture which actually showed the eye makeup well! What do you think of the lipliner over gloss application?……..yea I can’t tell the difference either. 

My face with finished off with the usual suspects at the moment, Sleek sugar may gloss, and ELF mineral apricot lip liner, and mememe blush in rouge. 
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