Sunday, 17 April 2011

Blinc Resurf.a.stick Face Review

A lazy microexfoliator stick, designed for use once a week. The product claims to give skin a deep clean, removing dead skin, and reducing the appearance of fine lines, blemishes as well as evening out skin tone. I purchased mine on eBay for significantly cheaper than the £30 price tag, I have seen on the salonskincare website (which is the only UK stockist I have found after a quick google search).

I have a mixed opinion on this product, having now used it for a few months. I initially used once a week as recommended, and then every so often would increase that to twice a week, as and when I remembered/could be bothered. Although I have dry skin, I have never suffered too much from the effects of over exfoliation, feeling only that it was beneficial in helping me to get reduce/get rid of my scarring.

After wetting the stick, you gently press it to your face and in circular motions, work all over your face, pressing as hard or lightly as you feel comfortable with, for 1-2 minutes. At first the feel of the exfoliating crystals was a little odd in comparison to traditional exfoliating beads. You then rinse your face throughly, since I have found that if you do not, when you then go to moisturise you can still feel the small crystals on your face. Immediately after, as with most exfloiators, my skin felt smooth and looked clear. The product boast being a hydrating product, and this is very true, unlike other exfloiators, once you have rinsed, it feels as though there is a moisturing film left on your skin which is maintained.

In terms of the negaive aspects, as much as I like the convienience of using the product as a stick, I have found that a lot of product builds up around the edges, as if I am wearing the stick down more than I should. Considering the price, I do not like to feel like I am wasting anything! Another issue is that, over time, I do not feel the exfoliating effect as much as I initially did. Although I appreciate this may be down to the fact that I have got used to the sensation of the crystals. I wouldn’t say this one product has improved the condition of my skin overall, but it has certainly helped in preparing my skin as a good base for the other products I use.

Again as with most things for me the price is a down point, especially when I feel that there is wastage. I would purchase this again, hopefully finding another UK stockist on eBay or just waiting until I am employed and can afford it. There is also a body version, which is essentially just bigger to cover the bigger areas, and I would love to try this where I have scarring on my upper arms.
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