Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Bare Minerals Pure Transformation Night Treatment part 1

Last night, I went to the Bare Escentuals make-up masterclass hosted by make-up artist SJ. It was a lovely event, the staff were extremely welcoming and friendly and I found myself surrounded by a store full of BE superfans. Only recently did I post about my favourite mineral foundation, (which is not BE), so feeling quite shameful, I had to say that I was not a bare minerals user but that my sister is, and loves it (which is true).

BE is a brand I want to love, but I just can’t agree with the hype. None the less, the class was very good, a typical promotional event, with as many product plugs as could be given, but I understand that. I did pick up a few extra makeup tips to try, for example, using lip liner after gloss, which although sounds odd looked very pretty. We were then assigned an ambassador between 2 and given our ‘make-unders’. For the third time, I was colour matched, and again a completely new shade to previous times, but I think on this occasion, having come home and had a chance to look at my face in different lighting that I now have the correct shade. I was told that this shade is new, so maybe I should forgive the previous matching attempts.

This was the makeup look achieved. Looking at it now the eyes are a little dark and I personally would have blended out more! I do really like the eyeshadow and blush used, and I like the fact that these are sold in good value kits which are matched for skin tone.

Having reserved our places for the master-class for £15, we were able to redeem this against any purchases. I was most intrigued by the new skin care range, which I have just found online is actually a revamped range! This includes two cleansers, two moisturisers and an overnight make-up treatment. Another lady attending asked why no toner was included, and it was said that it is not needed with the routine because of the properties of the cleansers. It didn’t sit well with me though that they said ‘we may create a toner since we know people like using it’, so you don’t actually think that a toner is needed with your routine, but you will happily let me buy one?

I did purchase the overnight treatment, but with a huge amount of doubt. Firstly, it is made out of active-soil, a blend of 73 minerals (if I remember correctly) which BE have put together. The product makes a number of claims, that it will shrink pores, yes you read correctly, not reduce the appearance, but actually shrink pores (you don’t need to ask me why I purchased!) It also claims that it will increase cell turnover, thereby evening out skin tone and improving blemishes. All sounds great. Then came the part that really bothered me. I asked how does it work? I can’t remember word for word what was said but something like this, 'positive energy from the soil-complex (minerals) is transferred into the skin promoting the mother cells to replenish’ ‘as skin ages the cells become more negative, this helps in transferring positive energy to the cells’ ‘plants grow from positive energy from the soil'. I must admit I was pretty shocked to hear this and restrained myself from commenting. I must point out that no where on the packaging, or on the skincare leaflet is there mention of the product working by 'positive energy’ nor actually the claims made by the make-up artist this evening with relation to actually shrinking pores rather than just reducing the appearance. Apparently, there is convincing scientific evidence of pore shrinkage, however, they could not show this since the subjects have not agreed for the images to seen, but maybe in the future.

The thing is, after all this negativity, I still purchased, purely from being completely intrigued by it. It is expensive, but having read mixed reviews, being sceptical now, I can only be pleasantly surprised. I do believe that a concentrated mineral treatment could have beneficial skin effects.

As I mentioned this does act as a night make-up, and being a medium skin tone, I was given the medium shade to use. The studies have reported changes in 8 weeks of use, so beginning last night and without changing any aspects of my skin care if I don’t have to, I will be carrying out my own study for you. I have taken close up pictures of my skin in the hope that in 8 weeks time or less I will see an improvement.

I would love to hear from anyone with a positive experience of this product, maybe save the negative until after my trial!
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