Sunday, 27 March 2011

Super Simple Smokey Eye

This will be my first beauty post!! Please excuse the photographs I know they are not great but hopefully you can get an idea of the look and how achieve it.

The key to this look is a smudgy black eyeliner which creates the ‘smokey’ part.

Other things I used;Urban Decay Book of Shadows Volume II, Rimmel liquid eyeliner, eyeliner pencil (all the details are smudged off!), concealer brush, eyeshadow brush.

First off, prime your lid if you want to, then thinly line your eyes with the black eyeliner, extending this to your crease and a little into the corner. At this point this can be messy since you tidy it later and it all comes together in the end.

I use a concealer brush, but any stiff brush should work as well to smudge out the eyeliner and get the shape of the arch of your smokey portion. If you like a deep dark colour you can repeat the above two steps but I find that this usually is fine.

Then take your eyeshadow colour of choice, I am using urban decays book of shadows palette (volume II) and the colour YDK, half-baked works just as well but any brown/bronze shade you have should work. Load this onto a brush and apply all over the lid as well as where you have applied the shadow in the crease. Then blend.

I usually take a clean brush as this point and tidy up any harsh lines, just making sure everything is blended out well.

I like to finish off by adding a highlight colour, I use sellout from the same palette and like to apply a little in the inner corner too.

Finally, apply eyeliner and mascara however you normally would.

The completed look! I love this for in a rush as well as a good way to make use of an eyeliner which you may not particularly like.

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