Sunday, 27 March 2011

Sunday Night Thoughts #3

This week I thought I would share something that crossed my mind today.

I have a long face.

'and what?’ I hear you think. 

I have lost count of the number of times that I am casually standing by and someone thinks it’s constructive to tell me to 'cheer up', or to ‘smile’. Most frequently this is at a bar or club, having spent a bit of time getting ready, doing nice hair and makeup and generally feeling quite good about myself. Even my own family would comment when I was younger. At this point I do then become a bit sad, and I am the sort of person who’s emotion shows all over my face and I have always found it a little difficult to pick myself up after that. That’s my face, I’ve learnt to deal with it, so why can’t you hold back on your comment? It is funny thinking about it, and it is something I have got used to now. I can only put it down to the fact that my face is long, or that somehow all my features happen to come together in such a way that I look miserable. I am just the sort of individual who when I am not smiling and lets face it, when you think about it most of the time doing our general daily tasks we aren’t, I look sad. It is something that I am very conscious of when I meet new people though and more recently at interviews, it is a strange thing to think about your facial appearance so deeply and be so aware of how you may appear to others.

Writing about it now however I do find it comical, I guess with age you do just accept these things about yourself and realise there is nothing that can be done. So just for the sake of other people out there who have the same issue, please, don’t make a comment if you think they look sad, maybe like me they can’t help it.

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