Sunday, 20 March 2011

Sunday Night Thoughts #2

I mentioned last week that I wanted to begin a 'Sunday Night Thoughts' series, speaking if things on a slightly deeper level. I always intended to explain the name of my blog with this post but as the week has gone on particularly over the weekend I have changed my mind. That particular story comes with a lot of bad memories and although I am in a far better place now, the story is not something I have shared with many. Without over dramatising I won't continue, the story is nothing particularly tragic, but I am in a far too positive mood than to risk dampening it!

As you may know I am a graduate struggling to find a job, I know what I want to do I just can't seem to land a training position due to lack of experience or just falling short of other candidates. I have managed to stay positive about it on the most part but earlier this week I found myself really deflated with the whole process. There is very little to apply for at the moment and chances are with a lot of applications I will hit the same obstacles until I find that one employer who is willing to give me a chance. So it is just a case of perseverance and patience!

My week did turn around though with the positivity I got from this blog, in particular this weekend having found a number of new followers and reaching over 800 hits. I started the blog because I wanted to share my love of fashion, make-up and beauty related things in general and tried not to set any expectations and more to just enjoy it, so it is that much more of a bonus to know there are a number of people out there who take the time to read the things I write, follow me so as to continue to hear from me, as well as comment on my posts. I can’t express how much that means to me so I really wanted to take this chance to say a very big thank you. I hope that my sincerity comes across in this, the positive feeling I have got since doing this is nothing short of amazing and it is great to feel connections with people whom you haven’t even met.

Thank you again so much, and hopefully there will be a few more milestones to mark with this whole process and you will continue to enjoy what I do.

With love,
Ayshe (discovering beauty)
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