Friday, 4 March 2011

Soap and Glory Bundle - The Order

I caved! I told myself that I would use up what I have before I make any more beauty purchases for the sake of trying new products I was even going to start a project 10 pan and save to try out the ‘All good things’ skin care range I had seen in Boots. However, when this offer appeared in my inbox I had to go for it. I have never tried Soap and Glory before but I have always wanted to and missed out on the Christmas bundles. There are 3 different bundles on offer and I chose this one since there are 2 products targeting pores! Essentially for the cost of 4, I get an additional 6 to try.

Soap & Glory Enormous Beauty Bundle (only £40!)
• Wash Almighty Body Cleansing Gel 500 ml
• Clean Mary Cleansing Milk 180 ml
• Return to Slender Body Contouring Gel 200 ml (The Firminator)
• Slimwear Peptide Balm 190 ml
• No Clogs Allowed 50 ml
• The Fab Pore Facial Peel 50ml
• Mighty Mouth Gorgeous Lips Kit 2 x 4g, 9 ml
• Marvelips Colour, Shine & Shaping Crayon 4.5g
• Wizard of Flaws Line Filling Luminizer & Concealer 7 ml
• Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Plumping Gloss in Plum 7 ml

I should receive the bundle by the middle of next week so expect a post and of course reviews of the products once I have had a chance to test them out. If you were interested in purchasing I would order online or get to a large Boots store sooner rather than later since these are only while stocks last.
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