Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Primark Haul Spring/Summer Lovin'

I think all should have established now that I am a Primark Girl, I remember them ‘getting big’ around the time I started university. Although some seasons they are a big hit and miss, this spring I have really liked their offerings.

This recent spree sparked from me seeing one skirt on the fashion segment of ‘This Morning’ and heading out immediately to find it. Surprisingly I did, but it was stitched badly and didn’t sit well on the waist without making me look like I had very oddly shaped love handles. I didn’t find another in my size so I will continue looking out for it whenever I do pop in, but I have a feeling the problem will be the same. I haven’t actually seen many skirts of a same style, high-waisted/maxi with a floral print. I think maxi skirts are so flattering and I could picture the skirt looking very boho with a loose vest top, a big belt and flat shoes.

I can’t wait for the summer or at least some warmer weather to arrive so I can get out more skirts and dresses! Anyway, here is what I picked up instead.

I love this blue maxi, since last summer I wanted a black one for the purpose of adding lots of bright accessories to but I love this blue so much, and since it is plain, I should still be able to add lots of bold accessories to it and make it look different each time.

This summer dress also works well layered making it suitable for spring and even winter when it’s colder. It has more of a beige base with the black spots and then flower print. I don’t particularly like the belt attached, so will possibly end up ‘Gok’ styling this once I get some inspiration for it. 

I love this playsuit, as you can see I am liking the floral trend this year, but the black base means that it is not so bold for me that I would feel uncomfortable wearing it. It fits very well and is more flattering than others I have tried. I am really looking forward to wearing this in the summer, I may even wear it with tights in the spring time here but we’ll see how brave I will be! 

I love the colour of this coral top, although I don’t tend to like the look of the asymmetric cut it has, tucked into a skirt/trousers this actually looks very nice since it ends up being very loose and flowing. You can make out slightly in the image that the front and back are actually two different materials, although this is quite subtle and I don’t think it really adds anything to the top overall. 

Last but not least clothing wise, these wide leg trousers. I love the print, again a black base with large colourful flower print. This looks great teamed with the coral top above, and I can picture it looking well with a large belt, wedges, and an oversized cardigan, topped with an oversized hat and sunglasses (well that might be a step too far but hopefully you get the picture!). At the moment as much as I love to look at them I don’t want them to be something that end up sitting in the wardrobe because I am not brave enough to wear them!

Finally some accessories. I brought a black and a tan, skinny waisted belt to keep as wardrobe essentials, at £1 each I can’t really feel guilty about not having a need for them yet! I also went for a standard belt covered in coloured studs, again a slim style since I occasionally need something more discrete to hold my trousers up! I never usually go for ‘fashion socks’ but being inspired by some other blogs and people on the street I wanted to style these peaking over my shorter boots. Will hopefully post the result and get your impressions! Finally another purchase of something I may or may not be brave enough to wear, a feather headband. I think the feathers poking through my curls will give a nice look, especially since there is a trend for feather hair extension/accessories. 

I am headed to the vitality show this weekend and have promised myself to only potentially purchase anything new there and then hold off with the spending for a bit so this should be the last clothing haul for a while! 

Let me know your thoughts of the clothing choices from Primark this spring.
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